Who we are



IDIS is an environmental non-government organization dedicated to the protection and preservation of the upland watersheds of Davao.

It has been  registered as a non-profit organization with the Securities and Exchanges Commission (SEC)  since March 29,1999.

IDIS opposes the intensive pesticide use in  monocrop agribusinesses since it pollutes and destroys water resources, the health of people and the environment.

IDIS  supports sustainable ecological farming and is committed to empowering people in defense of their right to a life in a clean and healthy environment.





Given the situation of the uplands, IDIS wants to contribute and advocate for living arrangements where:

All human beings are equal, with an equal right to a good life in a healthy environment. Everyone has a duty to protect the environment and all forms of life. Each of us should live in ways that do not harm the uplands and should share good examples of such living with each other.

The upland resources the air, the water, the land, the plants, the animals have to be protected because this is for the good of all living beings now and in the future.

Uplands should not be abused. We must use them intelligently and in such a way, that everybody benefits. What we have received from our ancestors, we want to pass on to our children and their children but in a better, not worse state than we found it.

We must put an end to pollution, erosion and environmental degradation and invent better ways of living by showing respect for all living creatures, without waste and without poisoning nature. It will make us all healthier and happier people.





IDIS exists to advocate for the protection and sustainable management of the upland watersheds in Davao City.



2015  Board of Trustees


Chairman           LAURO TITO ILAGAN

Secretary           LIA JASMIN ESQUILLO

Treasurer          MILA TEVES

Members           MADETT GARDIOLA

———————Atty. RAYMUND SALAS







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